Internet Advertising

Please use the following page for internet advertising agencies, and interactive advertising agencies.

Advertising Media Planning and Strategy - Internet Advertising

Interactive Advertising Agencies

Interactive advertising agencies are focused on the implementation and use of interactive advertising services including video, programming, deployment, management, and fulfillment reporting. A full-service interactive advertising agency can provide digital lead generation, digital brand development, interactive marketing, communications strategies, rich media campaigns, interactive video brand experiences, website design and development, e-learning tools, email marketing, content management services, web application development, data mining and ROI assessment.

Interactive Customization

Users of interactive marketing can choose their own experiences and directly access the brand information that interests to them. Additionally, users can communicate with other customers or web site users via live chat spaces or bulletin boards.

Interactive Channels

Interactive advertising delivers advertising messages and brand experiences through a variety of electronic channels like the Internet, CD-ROMs, DVDs, and portable electronic devices such as MP3 music players, gaming systems, and mobile phones.

The Interactive Advantage

The biggest difference between interactive advertising and traditional advertising is interactivity, the ability for consumers to use and control their interaction with the company's marketing. This kind of freedom is relatively new to advertising and is proving to be an extremely popular way for people to interact with marketing messages.